MagTrack deployed in Croatia

Derc Salotech delivered a MagTrack to our valued customer SAKZ in Croatia and supported them with their first deployment. Croatian news site Dalmacija Danas was on-site and reported on the event. Read the English translation of (parts of) the article below:

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Article as posted on the Dalmacija Danas news site:

Solin company SAKZ has successfully implemented an investment in modern, green technology.

The company specializes in the design, execution, and quality control of corrosion protection works in shipbuilding, nautics, industry, and construction, and it invested 280,000 EUR as part of the CoBlast project.

The Competitiveness Blast project, which Solin-based company SAKZ has implemented over the last 12 months, has concluded. SAKZ is one of the market leaders in the sector of corrosion protection in the Republic of Croatia. The funds were invested in state-of-the-art equipment, including the Kamat high-pressure pump and the self-propelled MagTrack robot (designed and made by Derc Salotech) for surface cleaning. Their contribution to the protection of employee health and the environment is almost immeasurable.

“This self-propelled MagTrack robot addresses three key elements in our business. The first and most important is the protection of our employees’ health. Secondly, it represents 100% green technology because harmful chemical compounds do not end up in the sea, air, or soil due to the vacuum system that allows for the safe collection and disposal of waste products and water. Lastly, this technology will significantly enhance the quality of the services we provide and open up the possibility of an even stronger presence in the domestic market, making us more competitive for business in foreign markets,” said Damir Simunović, director of S.A.K.Z.

SAKZ was founded in 2014 and employs 49 or more than 70 employees during the winter months. It is engaged in the design, execution, and quality control of corrosion protection works in shipbuilding, nautics, construction, and industry, with jobs often related to cleaning and protecting oil tanks and pipelines. They already own two high-pressure pumps operating under a pressure of 3000 bar and one self-propelled robot, but this new robot is a key technological addition due to its vacuum system and filtration of harmful particles and water.

The MagTrack robot is designed to operate at up to 3000 bar and is classified as an Ultrahigh-Pressure Waterjetting (UHP WJ) device, ensuring high penetration power when removing coating layers. It is a robotic device that adheres to surfaces with powerful magnets and a vacuum system with strong suction that collects waste material and water byproducts. The robotic device moves independently on both vertical and horizontal surfaces and is initiated and controlled by a qualified employee via remote control, from a distance of up to 76 meters.

The vacuum unit transfers waste material and water to the filtration system, where solid particles are separated into a separate filter chamber, and waste material and water are adequately deposited without the risk of environmental contamination. It is the only device of its kind in the domestic market, operating at a speed of 7 meters per minute or 36 square meters per hour, leaving surfaces flawless, perfectly clean, and ready for painting. The use of this device in daily operations significantly reduces the consumption of energy products and CO2 emissions and ensures a 90% reduction in waste materials compared to previous technology. The new equipment can work continuously 24 hours a day, allowing for significant savings in project timelines and faster delivery of services to clients.


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