Custom Projects

Time constraints, a limited space, process requirements or safety issues. All these challenges for industrial cleaning objectives can mostly be answered with a specific tailor made solution by our engineering department. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer and Value Added Reseller of high pressure water jetting equipment, accessories and parts, we offer you complete and unique custom solutions for all industrial cleaning, surface preparation and cold cutting applications. Below you will find a few samples of our recent custom projects:

Dual UHP Pipe Cleaner

For one of our valued customers, DERC Salotech designed and manufactured a custom dual UHP pipe cleaner for NORM cleaning, that is 18 meters in length.

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Stackable Hose Reel Combination for Truck Mount

Custom engineered and manufactured stackable hose reel combination with 4 hydraulically driven hose reels supporting up to 1000 bar, automatic hose spooling.

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Jet Frame for Cleaning Mixing Vessels/Reactors

Derc Salotech developed an X-Y Jet frame as a custom automated solution for the safe and efficient cleaning of mixing vessels and reactors used in the production of aramids.

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Custom Made Cutting Manipulator

Introducing our cutting-edge solution: the Custom Made Cutting Manipulator. Specifically designed and manufactured for Altrad Offshore, this fully automatic hydraulic-powered cutting manipulator is revolutionizing the process of cutting production platform piles.

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Reym B.V. / Tronox Filter Press Elements Cleaning Machine

Reym B.V. and Tronox partnered with Derc Salotech to design, manufacture, and install an automated cleaning machine for cleaning contaminated filter elements in a filter press using high-pressure water jets.

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