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Jet Frame for Cleaning Mixing Vessels/Reactors

Derc Salotech developed an X-Y Jet frame as a custom automated solution for the safe and efficient cleaning of mixing vessels and reactors used in the production of aramids. It addresses the need to transition from manual cleaning methods to an automated process using high-pressure water jets.

Automated Solutions Rail

The frame is manufactured from an aluminum automated solutions rail (ASR), which provides stability and durability while allowing for precise movement. This material is well-suited for industrial applications due to its strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion.

High Pressure Rotary Head

The key component of the X-Y Jet frame is the high-pressure rotary head, specifically the RCS-500. This rotary head is capable of generating high-pressure water jets necessary for effective cleaning. It offers robust performance and reliable operation in demanding industrial environments.

Smart Controls

To ensure ease of use and safety, the X-Y Jet frame incorporates smart controls. These controls facilitate the programming and operation of the cleaning process, enabling automation and reducing the need for manual intervention. With the smart controls, operators can define specific cleaning patterns and parameters, ensuring consistent and thorough cleaning of the mixing vessels and reactors.

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