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Water Jetting Equipment for Industrial Cleaning & Surface Preparation

We know how to make your industrial cleaning and surface preparation job easier, safer and more effective!

DERC Salotech offers total solutions, systems and all necessary accessories for high pressure water jetting. With 37 years of dedication to the high pressure water jetting technology for industrial cleaning and surface preparation, we are a quality partner for professionals all over the world. DERC Salotech services thousands of customers and organizations in more than 40 countries. As an original water jetting equipment manufacturer we continuously design, develop and produce new products and innovations that will make your job easier, safer and more effective.

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Water Jetting Tools

Whatever your needs for industrial cleaning or surface preparation are, DERC Salotech offers the right high pressure water jetting tools for the job. Our products are considered to be industry leading in innovation, quality and durability. We offer everything from hand-held waterjet guns to fully automated solutions for cleaning tubes, pipes, surfaces, (oil) storage tanks and sewers. Thoroughly tested and certified to ensure safe and effective operation.

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Custom Made Solutions

If it doesn’t exist, DERC Salotech will invent it for you! Does your industrial cleaning objective requires a custom solution? Our engineers are committed to find the most suitable solution for your challenge. High pressure water jetting and innovation is part of our DNA. Our engineers are ready to assist you, no matter how big or small the technical, process or safety challenges are. During the research, design and manufacturing we will focus on the most effective and (when appropriate) most innovative and safe cleaning solutions for your specific needs.

products & solutions

Our Partners

Together with our trusted partners we offer a complete range of water jetting products, accessories and solutions:


The German leading specialist in the production of high-pressure hoses with a spiralized support made of high-tensile steel wires for use in a pressure range of 400 to 3200 bar: SPIR STAR®

TST Sweden AB

Offering a complete assortment of personnel protection equipment of the highest standard for hydro demolition, water jetting and blasting at (ultra) high pressures. Their clothes are developed to offer the best possible comfort, while at the same time protecting operators from the impact of water jets up to 3000 bar: TST Sweden AB

Peinemann Equipment

Offering state-of-the-art semi-automated bundle cleaning systems in order to clean heat exchangers in the safest and most effective way possible: Peinemann Equipment

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Latest News

28 September 2023

MagTrack deployed in Croatia

Derc Salotech delivered a MagTrack to our valued customer SAKZ in Croatia and supported them with their first deployment. Croatian news site Dalmacija Danas was on-site and reported on the event.

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30 August 2023

Enhancing Paper-Mill Processes with Advanced Nozzles and Manifolds

DERC Salotech offers a range of essential nozzles and accessories for paper mills.

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29 June 2023

NEW! TST Sweden Safety Funnel

A safer and more time efficient way to clean heat exchangers.

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