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TST Sweden AB protective clothing water jetting
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TST Sweden AB protective clothing water jetting safety
TST Sweden AB water jetting protective clothing
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Personnel Protection Equipment – Safety First

TST Sweden offers a complete assortment of personnel protection equipment of the highest standard for hydro demolition, water jetting and blasting at high and ultra high pressures (HP and UHP). Their protective clothing is developed to offer the best possible comfort, while at the same time protecting operators from the impact of water jets up to 3000 bar.

TST Sweden – Protective Clothing

TST protective clothing consist of the following seperate items: jacket, trousers, vest, overall, apron, vest with apron, hand protections, helmet, neck protection, gaiters, boots, balaclava, hose protection, hose connection cover, whip stop and gloves. These items can be combined to ensure maximum protection. TST offers three lines of protective clothing, each with their own specific advantages.

EliteOperator – Protective Clothing for Water Jetting up to 3000 bar

EliteOperator is a revolutionary line of protective clothing maximizing mobility and comfort. This groundbreaking design allows for easy movement during tasks, with improved compliance and flexibility. Elastic fabric in non-protective areas provides a better fit and follows body movements effortlessly, while softer fabric enhances overall comfort. Strategically relocated and modified seams ensure a superior fit and balance.

10/28 – Protective Clothing for Water Jetting up to 2800 bar

Experience ultimate protection and comfort with TST 10/28 range of water jetting clothing. With up to 1000 bar single jet and 2800 bar rotor jet protection, it’s ideal for handheld, robotic, and automatic water jetting. The DWR-treated outer material keeps you dry and light, while the striped fabric clearly identifies protective areas. For warm environments, choose TST ventilated trousers and overalls or cooling vest for effective cooling during your work shift. Stay safe, comfortable, and cool with our innovative water jetting clothing solutions.

ProOperator – Protective Clothing for High Pressure Cleaning up to 500 bar

Experience operator protection up to 500 bar/7500 psi with TST ProOperator range. Lightweight and durable materials ensure all-day comfort, while striped fabric clearly identifies protective areas. The DWR-treated outer material keeps operators dry and makes cleaning a breeze. Waterproof zippers and overlapping flaps enhance functionality. For added safety, our high visibility versions feature Hi-Vis orange fabric with reflective material. Choose TST ProOperator range for the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and safety during high-pressure cleaning operations.

Workplace Safety Solutions

TST Sweden Workplace Safety Solutions are specifically designed to provide efficient protection for sensitive equipment, machinery, and people while minimizing safety areas. These products allow you to restrict the safety area to just 1.5 meters from the potential danger, enabling repairs and maintenance work to be carried out in close proximity to passing vehicles and individuals. WSS also enables several operators to work closer together. Moreover, these solutions offer significant time savings compared to traditional wooden boards, as they can be quickly assembled and disassembled, allowing for flexible barrier formation.

TST Sweden Authorized Dealer

TST and DERC Salotech are both committed to the highest safety standards possible. DERC Salotech recommends the protective clothing, boots and gloves of TST as the best available in the world. If you are interested in TST products please contact us. As a TST dealer we can supply you with the full range of products.

TST Sweden Catalogue

See the TST catalogue with the full range of safety products here


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