DERC MagTrack

Modular Robotic Magnetic Crawler

The DERC MagTrack robots are magnetic crawlers, electrically driven, suitable for multi purpose applications. MagTrack is a modular system that is built around an universal carrier. The crawlers are designed to be used on flat and slightly curved steel surfaces. Depending on the application, the carrier can easily be fitted with a full range of modular tools. All water jetting tools work with high pressure jets up to 3000 bar.

MagTrack Applications

+ Surface preparation
+ Oil storage tank cleaning
+ Industrial cleaning and washing
+ Cargo hold cleaning
+ Abrasive blasting
+ Inspection
+ Waterjet cutting

Blast Can

The MagTrack Blast Can (vacuum dome) is installed in front of the 4-wheel carrier and is used for “closed” waterblasting. The blast can is connected to a vacuum unit, so that both water and debris is collected without any leakage. This makes the blast can especially useful for industrial cleaning and preparation jobs, when there is an absolute need to leave a clean and dry surface. For example the cleaning of (oil) storage tanks or the removal of old paint from ship hulls.

Swing Arm

The Magtrack Swing Arm is used for open waterblasting, cleaning or sandblasting. It is the perfect for industrial cleaning or surface preparation jobs, when it isn’t necessary to collect dirt or debris. A cost effective alternative to “closed” waterblasting, because there is no need for a vacuum pump.

Tilt Swing Arm

The MagTrack Tilt Swing Arm is used for open water blasting, cleaning or sandblasting. The distance from the cleaning head to the surface can be adjusted with the actuator while driving. This makes it perfect for easy cleaning of (oil) storage tank wind girders or other similar constructions.

Sandblaster Swing Arm

The Magtrack Sandblaster Swing Arm is used for open sandblasting. Suitable to operate with 1, 2 or 3 abrasive nozzles to meet your application and production rate. Easy to adjust in height, angle, and pitch to make a perfect overlap. It is the perfect tool for surface preparation jobs, when it isn’t necessary to collect dirt or debris. After blasting the surface is completely dry and therefore ready to paint or coat instantly.

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