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Stackable Hose Reel Combination for Truck Mount

DERC Salotech delivered a Stackable Hose Reel Combination – a tailored solution designed and manufactured for one of our customers. This versatile system will be integrated into the back of a truck and completes this mobile solution for industrial cleaning.

DREC Stackable Hose Reel Combination for Truck Mount
DERC Stackable High Pressure Hose Reel Combination
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Construction steel primed and coated, this stackable hose reel combination is built to endure the rigors of industrial use. It comprises four hydraulically driven hose reels, each with a distinct purpose:

High Pressure Capability: Three of the hose reels are designed to handle hoses with pressures of up to an impressive 1000 bar, making them ideal for tasks that demand intense high-pressure cleaning. One of these is equipped with a diamond screw shaft for automatic hose spooling. This feature simplifies hose management, saving time and effort during setup and cleanup.

Low Pressure Option: The fourth hose reel is tailored for hoses with pressures of up to 12 bar, which may be suitable for different cleaning tasks or as a water supply hose.

In summary, if you are in need for any custom reel solution please do not hesitate to contact us.

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