NEW! TST Sweden Safety Funnel

Cleaning heat exchangers can be both a messy and dangerous process. With TST newest Workplace Safety Solution, the Safety Funnel, we offer a new, both safer, smoother, and environmentally friendly way to get the job done.

TST Sweden Safety Funnel
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The funnel is easy to set up, and since it can be applied directly to the heat exchanger it eliminates the need for any extra built protection. It is tested up to 1400 bar.

During the cleaning, the funnel increases safety by both preventing objects and wastewater from hitting and injuring people, and damaging equipment. Other advantages with the TST Safety Funnel are that it lowers the noise level and is easy to clean.

TST and DERC Salotech are both committed to the highest safety standards possible. As a TST dealer we can supply you with the full range of products and tell you all about this new product!


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