DERC Air Preheater Cleaner XXL

High Pressure Cleaning ​of a High Capacity Rotating Air Preheater

The DERC PLC-controlled Air Preheater Cleaner XXL is a full automatic PLC controlled Air Preheater Cleaner with touch screen control. The cleaner has a very high capacity of 2x 1000 litre per minute at 500 bar/ 7K. This XXL-version is able to clean a rotating air preheater with a diameter of 19 meters. The Air Preheater cleaner moves on a sectionalized guide rail of 10,5 metre.

Controlled From a Safe Distance, PLC Controlled

The especially designed electrically powered carriage with ball-bearing wheels moves the manifold, each manifold with 14 nozzles (2x M42 DK0S). The Air Preheater Cleaner is can be positioned very fast with high precision (+/-1 millimeter). Per cleaning job, the operator can set up the cleaning parameters on the touch screen of the control box. Some parameters are: outside diameter, inside diameter, rotational speed of the air preheater, width of the manifold and the overlapp in relation to the previous cleaning position. The logged data can be provided with unique ID and downloaded by a USB port, in order to able to determine the effective cleaningtime afterwards. The operator operates the Air Preheater Cleaner, with the touch screen, at a safe distance, outside the air preheater. The operator monitors and operates the proces.

Cleaning Rotating Plate Element in the Air Preheater

The rotating plate element in the air preheater, with a thickness of 2,5 meter, will be simultaneously cleaned from both sides. With teh extreme high capacity and cleaning program the middle layers will be optimally cleaned.

Large Air Preheater, Modular Construction

The sectionalized guide rails with for example a strain of 10,5 meters and effective working area of 9,5 meters will be determined per client. We have several end pieces to attach the guide rails to the wall. With a sectionalized guide rail of 10,5 meters we have been able to clean very effective a 2,5 meter thick plate element. The guide rails and cleaner come in modular parts, for example 2 meters and can be applied on site and in any situation.


PLC controlled
Touch screen control
Parameters programmable
Fully electric control
Data logging possible
Different types of manifolds possible
Linkable to your high pressure unit(s)

Custom Design

Please let us know your cleaning challenge and we will be able to present you a variety of very practical and impressive custom made solutions. Our engineers are able to design a perfect system according your specifications. We manufacture the system and provide on-site support. The Air Preheater Cleaner is built according to the Machinery Directive and has a CE-mark.



500 bar/ 7K (2x) under/above


1000 l/min (2x) under/above


2xM42x2 each manifold


Electric, 380 VAC


14x High speed model 226 each manifold


550 kg per rail + carriage


10,5 metre (Air Preheater has a diameter of 19 metre)

Other design data is possible, Air Preheaters are a standard product of DERC Salotech, by each project the design will be configured.


Our expert staff are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (CET) to answer all your questions about this product.

+31 186 - 62 14 84


Our expert staff are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (CET) to answer all your questions about this product.

+31 186 - 62 14 84