DERC Air Preheater Cleaner

PLC Controlled Water Jetting of Air Preheaters

Air Preheaters pollute during operation, making the efficiency of the air preheater going down which affects the entire process in a negative way. With this high pressure system it is possible to clean your air preheater full automatic cleaning quick and efficient. The DERC Air Preheater Cleaner is a full electric model, PLC controlled and set with a touchscreen. The Air Preheater Cleaner is designed to clean with high pressure waterjetting in a safe, effective, efficient and ergonomic way. The operator monitors the Air Preheater Cleaner from a safe distance. Your installation will be back in top condition.

Air Preheater Rails

The Air Preheater Cleaner moves along an aluminum rail. The rail has slotted holes in which the carriage moves. The rail is mounted on the in- and outside of the air preheater with two supplied clamps. The electric motor with encoder and the PLC provide an extremely accurate positioning of the carriage of the cleaning manifold.

Manifold & Flows

The Air Preheater Cleaner will be delivered with a high pressure manifold. You can choose a 4- or 5-jet manifold with a maximum working pressure of 700 bar/ 10K. The maximum capacity of the air preheater cleaner depends on the span of the rails. For example a rails of 6 meters with 2 suspension points is 250 l/min by 700 bar working pressure. When the rails are supported on more places, the maximum flow can be larger. For extreme high flows or pressures, we recommend the XXL-version.

PLC Set on Touchscreen

The Air Preheater Cleaner is positioned very accurate (+/- 1 mm). The operator chooses which program to use. There is an automatic program; the Air Preheater Cleaner calculates the steps on the given parameters or the operator defines the steps and cleaning time.

During the proces, the operator can either interrupt, change or restart the program or control the system manually. The logged data has an unique identity and can be downloaded via the USB port. The operator monitors the cleaning at a safe distance, outside “the line of fire”. The PLC automatically controls the process.


  • PLC-controlled
  • Ergonomic cleaning, cleaning right on time and perfect place
  • Operating at a safe distance
  • Programmable by the operator or parametric programming
  • Set up with touchscreen
  • Datalogging possible
  • Full electrical control
  • Different types of manifolds possible
  • Remote control panel
  • Double-sided cleaning, of the top and bottom

Custom Design

Please let us know your cleaning challenge and we will be able to present you a variety of very practical and impressive custom made solutions. Our engineers are able to design a perfect system according your specifications. We manufacture the system and provide on-site support. The Air Preheater Cleaner is built according to the Machinery Directive and has a CE-mark.



700 bar/ 10K


250 lpm per manifold


2x aluminium rails of 6 meter


4- or 5-jet 3/4" NPT female


NPT female


40 kg per rails


110 VAC & 60 Hz or 230 VAC and 50 Hz


DERC Basic or DERC Advanced

Other design data is possible, Air Preheaters are a standard product of DERC Salotech, by each project the design will be configured.


Our expert staff are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (CET) to answer all your questions about this product.

+31 186 - 62 14 84


Our expert staff are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (CET) to answer all your questions about this product.

+31 186 - 62 14 84