DERC Nozzle Holder for Paper Mill Applications

DERC Nozzle Holder for Paper Mill Suction Roll Felt Cleaning

Elevate your suction roll felt cleaning to a new standard of excellence with DERC Salotech’s precision cleaning manifolds.

Unrivaled Cleaning Precision

Experience the difference of advanced engineering with our specialized cleaning manifolds. Crafted with attention to detail, these manifolds feature a uniquely designed radius, perfectly aligned to the roll’s surface. This innovative configuration ensures the most effective and thorough cleaning results achievable.

Tailored Nozzle Holder Design

Our nozzle holder is expertly crafted to accommodate the demands of paper mill suction roll maintenance. Designed to hold 5x M10 model P965 (round-jet) or F965 (fan-jet) nozzles, this holder streamlines the cleaning process while maximizing efficiency.

Effortless Connectivity

With a seamless M24 Quick Lock connection, our nozzle holder ensures swift and hassle-free assembly. This facilitates quick maintenance turnaround times, minimizing downtime and optimizing overall productivity.