Innovative Solution for Cleaning Outside of Pipes

The R-Tube is an automated solution for efficient surface preparation and cleaning of the outside diameter of pipes. It consists of a carrier, which travels the length of the pipe. And a cleaning head equipped with 2 Masterjets with a custom-made suction manifold using a MagTrack inspired bellow to secure no leakage. The cleaning head rotates (180 degrees) around the pipe to ensure no surface is left untouched.

Various Sizes

This innovative cleaning tool comes in various sizes making it capable of cleaning diameters from 6” up to 32”.

Flexible Operation and Easy Mounting

The R-Tube is designed as a (semi)open concept which means that both carrier and cleaning head don’t surround the entire pipe. This allows the machine to move past obstacles such as pipe supports, crane lugs and possibly branching pipes. The design is created to be mounted without any need of tools.

MagTrack Controls

The controls are opted to work with existing Magtrack equipment. All this makes the R-Tube an excellent addition to your DERC cleaning tool kit.

R-Tube Features

+ Compact design
+ Easy mounting
+ Adjustable to different diameters (6” up to 32″, other sizes possible on request)
+ Up to 3000 bar @ 18 l/min
+ Open construction
+ MagTrack remote controls
+ Travel speed: 0 – 3 m/min