DERC Universal Lightweight Positioner ULP and ULP-C

Positioning Your Flex Lance Feeder Device

The DERC Universal Lightweight Positioner is designed and build for positioning your hose feeding device for semi-automatic cleaning of heat exchangers. The frame has two pneumatic powered carriages for the X- and Y-positioning. By connecting a flex lance feeder device to the frame, the inside of the tubes of the heat exchangers can be safely cleaned with high pressure water blasting.


The pneumatic drives for horizontal and vertical movement are handled from a control panel, placing the operator at a safe distance. The ULP can be installed in a vertical or horizontal situation.


This positioner frame for horizontal or vertical heat exchanger cleaning is available in different models:
+ ULP Standard for smaller diameters
+ ULP-C is a ULP with a correction shaft, which we advise for bigger diameters. The correction shaft ensures accurate positioning
+ 2.5” or 4” lightweight aluminium rail

Flange Clamp Set

The DERC Flange Clamp set, made of stainless steel, for easy mounting the DERC Universal Lightweight Positioner on the heat exchanger. The clamps can be bolted or clamped on to the heat exchanger flange. The aluminium rail simply hooks on to the clamp set.