Derc Salotech is excited to unveil our latest innovation: the RTube, an automated solution designed for efficient surface preparation and cleaning of the outside diameter of pipes.

Key Features

  • The R-Tube comprises a carrier that effortlessly travels over the length of the pipe, paired with a cleaning head equipped with 2 rotating nozzles. A custom-made suction manifold, inspired by MagTrack technology, ensures a leak-free operation in combination with vacuum.
  • The cleaning head rotates 180 degrees around the pipe, leaving no surface untouched.

Various Sizes

Available in various sizes, the R-Tube is versatile, capable of cleaning diameters from 6” up to 32”.

Flexible Operation and Easy Mounting

The (semi)open concept design allows the R-Tube to navigate obstacles such as pipe supports, crane lugs, and branching pipes. Plus, it’s designed for tool-free mounting.

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Add the R-Tube to your surface preparation tools for enhanced capabilities and efficiency. For inquiries or demonstrations, feel free to reach out!


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