NEW Product – Hose Catcher VE.21000-22000

In manual pipe and tube cleaning, there is always a risk the nozzle could come out of the pipe backwards. This is a real safety concern, because the operator can be seriously injured. Addressing this issue, DERC Salotech has created a range of hose catchers, including the latest addition – the VE.21000-22000.

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Hose Catcher for Confined Spaces

Designed for efficient use with flex lances in confined spaces, the VE.21000-22000 Hose Catcher can be easily mounted on a pipe flange between 3″ and 6″. You have the option to choose between VE.21000 without a splash plate or VE.22000 with a splash plate.

Hose Stoppers

What distinguishes the VE.21000-22000 are the included hose stoppers in different sizes, to match various flex hose diameters. These stoppers ensure the hose to stop before it leaves the pipe/tube and can do any damage. For added convenience, all stoppers can be stored in the optional VE.21500 storage box, providing an organized solution.

This innovative addition to our product line of hose catchers enhances safety and efficiency in manual cleaning operations, making it a valuable tool for your cleaning operations.


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