DERC Flexa-Jet Abrasive Water Jet Cutting System

Your Ultimate Flexible Solution for Water Jet Abrasive Cutting

The Flexa-Jet Cutting System is engineered for industrial cold cutting applications using ultra-high pressure water. This innovative and flexible system combines simplicity, accuracy and versatility. The Flexa-Jet system base is the Flexa-Jet Tractor suitable to run over both the Flexa-Jet Track and the Flexa-Jet Pipebands.

Flexa-Jet Tractor

This air-powered drive unit propels the cold cutting head along the Flexa-Jet Track. It moves effortlessly over both straight and curved objects, offering a high degree of adaptability. The Flexa-Jet Tractor can also drive over Flexa-Jet Pipebands for precise pipe cutting. The Flexa-Jet has a direct drive onto the track and pipe band ensuring a continuous movement. Further the Flexa-Jet Tractor has a standard gear installed easy to change out for different speeds/ratio.

Flexa-Jet Track

This flexible track system can be mounted with fixed magnets, releasable magnets, or a vacuum attachment, providing secure and adaptable mounting options for a variety of surfaces. It supports smooth movement of the Flexa-Jet Tractor, ensuring precise and consistent cuts.

Flexa-Jet Pipebands

These curved tracks are designed to wrap around pipes, enabling precise and controlled pipe cutting. For 6”–10” pipes one Flexa-Jet Pipeband with reducer blocks can be used. For 12”-24” pipes we offer seperate pipe bands. The Flexa-Jet Tractor navigates these bands, allowing for efficient cold cutting across a range of pipe diameters.

Cold Cutting Head

The cold cutting head is fixed to the Flexa-Jet Tractor and can be positioned to cut parallel or perpendicular to the Flexa-Jet Track, providing flexibility for both straight and curved cutting applications.

Flexa-Jet Hopper & Abrasive Monitoring System

The system’s mobile hopper stores the abrasive and allows for easy transport around the job site. The abrasive monitoring device regulates the feed rate, ensuring a consistent and adjustable flow to the cold cutting head, optimizing cutting efficiency.

Flexa-Jet Control Panel

The control panel provides operators with complete control over the cutting process, including movement, speed, and abrasive flow. This intuitive interface ensures precise operation and safety during cutting. For the vacuum cup track a vacuum generator is installed on the control panel.

Basic System Configuration

  • Flexa-Jet Tractor
  • Flexa-Jet Track (mountable with fixed or releasable magnets, or vacuum)
  • Cold Cutting Head with Cutting Nozzle
  • Hopper with Abrasive Monitoring System
  • Control Panel