Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

For sewer cleaning applications DERC Salotech offers a wide range of nozzles with interchangeable carbide, ceramic or steel inserts. All nozzles are made by hardened steel, some of them by hardened stainless steel. Carbide inserts have proven to be more resistant and durable compared with conventional ones (ceramic or steel): they are strongly recommended when using nozzles with water recycling system.

Rotating & Vibration Action Nozzles

For the removal of calcified obstructions or limestone sediments, we offer rotating & vibration action nozzles.

Desanders Nozzles

The main characteristics of the desanding nozzles are the high weight and the orientation of the jets towards the bottom of the pipe, so as to concentrate all the water flow of the pump in the thrust and simultaneous removal of mud, sand and sediment deposits. DERC Salotech recommends the use of rotary swivels to connect these heavy nozzles to the high pressure hoses. These nozzles are supplied with interchangeable ceramic or carbide (W) inserts. The latter ones are recommended with water recycling systems.

Root Cutting Nozzles

For the removal of roots, rust, limestone and unsuccessfull liners, we offer rotating nozzles with chains. Chain nozzles should always be used with chains and centralizer suitable for the pipe diameter.

Nozzles for Cleaning Domestic Drains (DN30-200)

The nozzles in this category satisfy the most ordinary cleaning needs in domestic and condominium pipelines, combining materials (stainless steel and not), weight, small dimensions and thrust jet inclinations. Normally these nozzles have 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” female threads but they are also available with M threads.

Product Overview

To see the entire collection of sewer cleaning nozzles and their technical specifications, please download the catalogue below. DERC Salotech can supply you with the entire product line. For more information or a quote, please contact us.


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