DERC Dump Gun (DDG)

High pressure water jet cleaning

DERC Salotech offers a wide range of High Pressure Jetting Guns with mechanical bypass. We offer guns with an ergonomic design, light weight and more flexibility for the operator. The DERC Dump Guns are ergonomic, made to measure and fit with your operators demands.


This dump gun is designed and constructed for high pressure water jet cleaning in marine applications, general water jetting, surface preparation, hydro demolition, heat exchanger cleaning and tube bundle cleaning. When the dump gun is deactivated the water is dumped by the dump valve.


+ Light weight
+ Custom made, lance length minimum 750 mm
+ Nozzle holder, various available
+ Hose connection, various available
+ Ergonomic and adjustable shoulder stock
+ With innovative anti vibration lance protector, which enables a better grip
+ Available 1000 bar, 1400 bar or 2800 bar
+ Two versions available; back or front hose connection inlet
+ Easy and quick change of cartridge
+ Rugged, reliable design