DERC Rigid Lance Cleaning System RLC

Safe and Fast Cleaning of Heat Exchanger Tubes

The DERC Rigid Lance Cleaning System is an innovative rigid lancing system to clean heat exchanger tube bundles by means of (ultra) high pressure water jets. The RLC is a modular designed machine easy to adapt to any length and suitable for a maximum working pressure of 3000 bar. The RLC is the machine for removal of hard plugs, scaling and general cleaning of heat exchangers.

Automated Solutions Rail

The basis of the RLC system is an aluminum rail with gear rack on which a modular rotating lancing carriage drives the lances in and out the heat exchanger tubes.

X-Y Positioner

For positioning the lances in front of the heat exchanger the RLC system comes with an X-Y Positioner. This X-Y Positioner consists of a removable wheel kit, support stands / legs and scaffolding guides for vertical application. For stability the RLC system can be equipped with a rear support for both horizontal and vertical applications.

Modular Lance Rotation Drive Unit

On the lance carriage you will find our Modular Lance Rotation Drive Unit. This modular block can be converted to rotate 1, 2, 3 or 5 high pressure lances in any pressure range. For controlling all the functions of the RLC system the machine comes with an operating panel, placing the operator out of the line of fire.


The RLC system is standard fully air powered, however on request we can offer a hydraulic version of the system.

DERC Tube Bundle Roller (Optional)

The DERC Tube Bundle Rollers are heavy duty rollers for any bundle up to 20,000 kg. Designed by our engineers and manufactured from high quality materials. These rollers rotate pipe bundles during cleaning. The DERC Tube Bundle Rollers come as a set of 2. Each set has 4 rollers, to ensure a good support of the bundle. On one of the two sets the 4 rollers are driven. The rollers on the other set follow (no drive). The drive engine can be driven either pneumatic or hydraulic.

DERC Shell Side Blaster SSB (Optional)

The SSB is designed and manufactured by DERC Salotech as an automated solution for external cleaning of heat exchangers with high pressure water jets. The SSB makes tube bundle blasting of shell side cleaning simple and safe, placing the operator at a safe distance out of the line of fire! The SSB consists of two wheeled frames, which can be placed over the heat exchanger, and adjusted in height by means of two manually operated hand wheels. The system comes with two tensioner chains to secure the frames to your tube bundle rollers.