Monro-Jet Nozzles

MONRO-JET® nozzles combine the high power of the point jet with the large area output of the flat jet. They can be used with all approved high-pressure fittings and mounted on lances. There a six different models. The operating pressure ranges from 500 bar up to 2500 bar, depending on the model. For each model there are also different connection thread types available. Due to their compact design, MONRO-JET® nozzles can be used both in building construction and in civil engineering for surface treatment and cleaning.

Each MONRO-JET will be delivered with certificate, test report, manual and handy carry case.


  • Different gun adaptors, to get a perfect connection between gun lance and Monro-Jet
  • Hardened steel protection head for concrete demolition
  • Long hardened steel protection head in combination with pulling nozzles for tube cleaning
  • Heavy “bomb cover” in combination with pulling nozzles, for cleaning large sewers with high pressure


  • Concrete cleaning and hydro demolition
  • Casting cleaning
  • Offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Ship’s hull cleaning
  • Airport runway cleaning
  • Scale removal
  • Building and sewer cleaning
  • Root cutting


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